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Forex Broker TRADE Makes Spread Betting Massive2 min read has expanded the offer for retail investors in the UK and Ireland by adding tax-free transaction types available through WebTrader.

Spread betting was once considered the privilege of City dealers, but now it is available to many. company has developed a platform to give its customers the opportunity to earn money on spur-betting in the financial sector. The technology is suitable for both beginners and those who earn a living by investing. The company seeks to train its customers and investors in working in financial markets, counting on the formation of long-term relationships.

What is spread betting?

Spread betting in the UK is not taxed because it is classified as a bet and not as a trade. Meanwhile, in essence, they are identical to CFDs. Through spread betting, you can trade in both growing and falling markets, opening long or short positions, and also using leverage. In addition, you can close a position at any time. Spread betting is considered speculation, as the client plays on the difference in price, rather than buying the underlying assets.

Meanwhile, traders involved in spread betting are freed from many of the costs inherent in equity investments. For example, they do not pay commission, stamp duty or capital gains tax. For those who consider trading or investing as more than a hobby, this is a huge advantage. gives you a wide selection of assets, including commodities, stocks, currencies and indices. A graphical analysis tool, technical and fundamental indicators, as well as price notifications are available on the platform.

Roy Gawish, CEO, said: “For investors from the UK and Ireland, spread betting offers many benefits that include tax credits and the ability to leverage”. was founded in 2013 as a provider of services in the CFD market. The company is regulated in a number of jurisdictions, licensed by the FCA in the UK and CySEC in Cyprus.