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Major World Currency Pairs3 min read

Choosing a working pair for trading is one of the foundations of success on Forex. All currency pairs differ from each other in daily trading volume, average volatility level, spread size and average dynamics of values. In order to select the best currency pair to trade on Forex, you need to evaluate all these parameters individually and in combination. Today we will introduce our best global currency pairs, which are leaders in the preferences of retail and institutional market participants.

The choice of a trading asset is individual and depends on the final parameters of the strategy. We deliberately did not consider exotic currency pairs and all majors, since they have lower forecast characteristics and wide spreads, which makes them too risky for beginners.

EURO / DOLLAR (EUR/USD): Chart and Financial Data

According to statistics, this pair is a leader in popularity and trading volume. It is the most liquid and has the lowest market spread indicators. From the point of view of technical analysis, the eurodollar shows excellent results in classical indicator trading and graphical patterns of candlestick patterns. It is better to trade a pair during the European session, since the opening of sites in the USA introduces too many price emissions into the dynamics.

BRITISH POUND / DOLLAR (GBP/USD): Chart and Financial Data

The British currency has traditionally been very volatile and profitable, and since the referendum on the possibility of the country leaving the EU, risks, like potential income, have increased many times. The popularity is also added by the fact that the UK market operates at about the same hours when the majority of retail users are active, and political and macroeconomic information is available on the calendars of traders.

DOLLAR / JAPANESE YEN (USD/JPY): Chart and Financial Data

The Japanese yen is one of the shelter currencies in which investors invest in the event of a storm on world markets. Price is an extremely volatile asset, generating a large profit or loss in just a few minutes. It has low spreads and a pronounced trading session – peaks of activity occur at the opening of sites in Japan and the United States. During trading, you need to carefully monitor the news from the United States – data on the key interest rate and unemployment rates can instantly unfold market dynamics.

DOLLAR / SWISS FRANC (USD/CHF): Chart and Financial Data

The Swiss franc rarely shows jumps in volatility and most often they are associated with news in the US, rather than the European currency. It is the calm nature of trading that makes this pair one of the most beloved among traders – excellent results are demonstrated by level trading and classic indicators such as moving averages and oscillators.

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR / DOLLAR (AUD/USD): Chart and Financial Data

The Australian currency has been in a wide range of flat movement for about four years, which allows traders to profitably work from the boundaries of local channels. In terms of trading volumes, the pair is in sixth place, we recommend considering this asset in terms of medium-term or long-term trading. By the nature of volatility, peaks of activity occur in the Asian and American trading sessions.

DOLLAR / CANADIAN DOLLAR (USD/CAD): Chart and Financial Data

Due to the same opening time of financial institutions, the peak of activity definitely falls on the American trading session, which allows us to accurately predict the volatility peaks. Due to the strong raw material dependence, Canadian quotes are closely related to gold and oil prices. The spread level is low enough for successful scalping at short time intervals.


The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand has very good predictability by technical models. Quotes vary in a fairly narrow range, and the peak of activity falls on the Asian session. The only drawback is the relatively low liquidity, which leads to wide spreads. We recommend this pair for beginners to use in the medium term.

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