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Bitcoin Forex Brokers

If you prefer to trade by making payments and send money online without compromising any of your sensitive financial information, Bitcoin is an ideal solution. Today, many online brokers accept Bitcoin as a funding method for trading accounts, giving you the ability to make instant, secure deposits and withdrawals at the touch of a button. Withdrawals can take from a couple of hours to 1-3 days depending on the broker. If you need a forex broker that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, take a look at these brokers below.

Dukascopy4 min read

Dukascopy offers currency and precious metals trading for retail and institutional customers. It promises equal liquidity and quotes for all customers. All types of trading are allowed, including scalping, there are various trading commissions depending on the size of the account and the monthly trading volume, and deposits are protected by the Swiss government in the amount of $100,000 per client.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: Yes \ Leverage: 1:100 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 100Switzerland

SimpleFX3 min read

SimpleFX allows traders from 160 countries to enter international trading floors and work with the most advanced financial instruments. The company is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker indicates that his clients are more than 200,000 traders from around the world. And his main advantages are the best prices, execution and liquidity, innovative trading technologies, the multiplicity of trading tools, the ability to trade year-round and the provision of security guarantees for client funds.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: No \ Leverage: 1:500 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 1Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

NAGA3 min read

NAGA ever since its inception, in 2015, has been all about making the world of trading, investing and managing financial assets open and much easier for everyone. Regulated by CySEC, you will find a safe and reliable platform with many advanced features and tools compared to other platforms. An interesting addition to their portfolio of financial products is NAGA Group, a Fintech group trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They use the NAGA Coin within the NAGA Wallet and NAGA Ecosystem.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: Yes \ Leverage: 1:300 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 100Cyprus

World Forex3 min read

The World Forex brand was founded in 2007 and initially specialized primarily in the provision of services in the foreign exchange market. And since 2013, trading in electronic contracts has become available to broker's customers. Clients can count on a wide range of services. To date, the number of accounts opened in the company already exceeds 250 thousand.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: No \ Leverage: 1:500 \ Scalping: No \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 1British Virgin Islands

Binary3 min read

Binary offers specialized trading platforms designed for trading CFDs and options. During its existence, the company has become a real world leader in the industry. As a fully licensed and regulated site, it has been providing worldwide services to over 300,000 customers since 2008. Unlike most brokers, it provides an opportunity for customers to trade on a unique platform. The company is focused on stability, reliability and operates in accordance with European regulation and has the right to provide its services in any European country.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: No \ Leverage: 1:1000 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 5Malta

IFC Markets3 min read

IFC Markets provides its customers with financial instruments trading services both on organized trading floors and outside of them using NetTradeX trading platform and MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The company strives for market leadership and provides its customers with the best service and trading conditions, largely being a pioneer in its field of activity.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: No \ Leverage: 1:400 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 1British Virgin Islands

ForexTime4 min read

ForexTime or FXTM is an international professional who provides an expanded range of online trading and investment services in the international currency market for clients from 99 countries. The main advantages are fast processing of orders under the best conditions, reliability, convenience and a wide range of services in the personal workspace. Broker ForexTime has a solid license and a good reputation for customers, as evidenced by positive reviews. Traders will have access to a wide range of trading instruments. You can use currency pairs, precious metals, futures, contracts for difference. The total number of trading instruments is more than 100.
Demo: Yes \ Crypto: Yes \ Social: Yes \ Leverage: 1:1000 \ Scalping: Yes \ Hedging: Yes \ Deposit: $/€/£ - 100Cyprus

About the payment system

A very interesting trend in the financial market industry, which has arisen recently with the growing popularity of brokers, considering the offer of Bitcoin as an alternative payment processing option. This article is intended to explain why this trend has developed by identifying key factors.

Bitcoin can be defined as a type of virtual currency, since it has no real source of physical nature. This strange definition implies that Bitcoin is not issued and controlled by any global government, nor regulated by any national recognized authority. Consequently, the value of Bitcoin is not determined by political decisions of central banks such as the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank or the Bank of England.

In contrast, the value of this unique exchange is determined only by those traders who are willing to use it. Bitcoin was introduced into financial markets in 2009, but did not gain serious publicity until the start of the 2013 period, during which time its value rose to $230 per bitcoin. As for the forex industry, a number of brokers have already added this currency to their asset lists, i.e. BTC/USD.

Why is Bitcoin becoming so popular?

One of the main reasons for this trend is that Bitcoin provides an excellent method of transferring funds to an account, since it attracts very low or zero transaction costs. This attractive feature contrasts sharply with other, more traditional payment systems, such as credit cards and bank transfers, which can incur significantly higher fees. Therefore, an increasing number of brokers are currently considering adding Bitcoin to the list of allowed ways to deposit funds in order to reduce the costs of their customers.

Security is another reason why Bitcoin has attracted so much attention as an alternative to online payments. This is because when using Bitcoin, each transaction includes special and private encryption measures leading to first-class security. In addition, users of this technology have the opportunity to remain anonymous if desired.

Bitcoin has another significant advantage in that its production is not under the control of any global government, which is the case with more traditional currencies. This function implies that its users will not worry that their money will be at risk of capture or their value will be depreciated if they are spent in bitcoins. The significance of these points was well shown by the recent financial crisis in Cyprus, when the government of this nation began to pursue a policy of imposing taxation on deposits exceeding $100,000 within its national banks. In fact, the value of Bitcoin soared during this incident as investors fled to the sanctuary of their safe haven currency status.

Bitcoin brokers for trading

A growing group of brokers have recognized that the constant and significant price fluctuations associated with Bitcoin can provide their customers with new opportunities to profit from trading on the exchange. Consequently, a number of them have already added this exchange to their list of assets.

Nevertheless, the industry is just starting to gain a foothold and has its own advantages, offering replenishment as an alternative. For example, ForexTime has a way to add Bitcoin funds to deposits in the trading platform, allowing customers to transfer their funds without incurring almost no service fees.

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